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York Junior Bassmasters

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Each year the York Bassmasters hold customized meetings for the junior members. The meetings are held at the Bass Pro Shops Vaughan location (Map located here) every 2 months starting March 2013. The meetings for the juniors include educational sessions teaching fishing techniques, lure selection, knot tying and many more. We hope to impart these skills to make their time outdoors more successful and encourage time on the water.

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Youth Program Outlook in 2013

This year the juniors are given the opportunity to participate and learn from the “seniors”. The junior members are invited to participate and compete in any of the 3 pre-selected tournaments. The format of the tournaments is as follows. A junior will accompany a senior member on the senior member’s boat to fish for the day. The juniors will be fishing for their own fish and attempt to put together a combination of fish to weigh in against the other junior members competing that day. Juniors can use their 2 best tournaments combined to achieve top rank and qualify for a chance to compete in the Ontario Bassmasters Nation (OBN) tournament in August 2013.

Pigeon Tournament

Conservation and Youth

Our club is a big advocate of wildlife conservation. We instill this in our juniors by asking our juniors to participate in at least 1 conservation project as part of their qualification to compete in the annual OBN tournament. In the past conservation efforts have included tree planting or park cleanup to help our local communities and improve wildlife habitat. Junior members can expect to learn about the environment, how to help and how our club is making a difference in the community.

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What to bring when attending a tournament

  • Fishing rods 3-4 MAX
  • Selection of tackle (if unsure check with your boater)
  • Life Jacket
  • ID
  • Lunch / snacks for yourself
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Water/Drinks
  • Appropriate Clothing (for example: Rain suit)

What not to bring

  • Attitude: leave it at home
  • cans of pop
  • cell phones

Always Remember:

The boaters are doing you a great service by taking you out. Respect them and their boats. Leave no sign of you being there. Take all your garbage with you. You are there to fish and learn from their experience and time on the water. Each boater will have different and valuable advice. Pay attention to your surroundings and the techniques that are used. Ask as many questions as you want, learn and most importantly have fun.