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“York Bassmasters is committed to the conservation efforts as initiated by B.A.S.S. and Ontario Bass Nation (O.B.N) in protecting bass fisheries ensuring its future for generations to come.”                                                                York Bassmasters through its social media resources, provides its members with continual informative material as to keep them educated on latest conservation initiatives and practices as to ensure its membership are sensitive to such concerns as it may impact bass fisheries while they are out fishing themselves or even in their day to day activities. Efforts are undertaken to have speakers attend meetings to speak to conservation efforts and concerns. Further and most Importantly, the club continually tries to establish community partners with local municipal, provincial federal and private agencies to make them aware of the clubs willingness to provide volunteer assistance in any related initiatives or projects these groups may have in their strives toward conservation.

B.A.S.S. Conservation Mission                   For more than 40 years, B.A.S.S. and the grass-roots B.A.S.S. Nation have remained focused on issues related to fisheries and aquatic resource conservation. The B.A.S.S. Conservation Program is a driving force behind progressive, positive change on critical water resource and access issues: Fisheries Management, Habitat, Aquatic Nuisance Species, Aquatic Vegetation Management, Angler Access and Tournament Fish Care. B.A.S.S. is more than tournaments, a magazine and a membership; it’s decades of demonstrated natural resource conservation efforts. B.A.S.S. Conservation works with government agencies to develop sound management. Conservation works with government agencies to develop sound management policies that protect and enhance aquatic resources. We partner with the industry and conservation community to ensure that government policies provide for these resources without compromising sportfishing opportunities. B.A.S.S. Nation members provide substantial volunteer efforts to enhance fisheries resources and protect our sport. B.A.S.S. is renowned for state-of-the-art tournament fish care and the legendary publication Keeping Bass Alive!



Bruce Lindsay Pond, Newmarket, Ontario
Remove garbage and invasive weed species, planted aquatic plant, trees and shrubs. Bass transfer to Bruce Lindsay Pond.

Lake Simcoe, Cooks Bay Transfer Tournament
Congratulations to all the members of York Bassmasters who showed up competed and helped out with the Cooks Bay Transfer. The transfer was a geat success and all of the 25 largemouth made it there safely and alive. Also a big thank you to the mayor of Newmarket for treating the club to dinner and drinks. On behalf of York Bassmasters we Thank You.

Bogart Creek, Newmarket, Ontario                                                                                   Removed garbage and invasive weed species, planted trees and shrubs. Erected bird & bug houses next to ponds to promote naturalization.                             

Article: “The Bogart Creek Restoration Committee teamed up with community members and the York Bassmasters at the Bruce Lindsay Retention Pond to help the area thrive. They planted a number of trees and greenlife, and the Bassmasters plan on introducing pan fish and bass into the pond. The BCRC plans on planting in this area for a couple years to come, so soon this lovely little area just off Leslie will be flourishing. Think this is a great cause. Keep an eye out for the next BCRC event and get involved.” …snapd.

Magna Centre Pond                                                                                                             Removed garbage and invasive weed species, planted trees and shrubs. Erected bird & bug houses next to ponds to promote naturalization.

Jackall PitchIt Campaign                                                                            Thanks to all the members of York BassMasters for participating in the Jackall Pitch It plastics recycling campaign. Our efforts led to 45.45 pounds of used plastic baits being diverted from our waterways. The campaign certainly shed light on how a few discarded plastic baits can add up in weight. Hats off to all the other clubs for their efforts as well.

Rogers Reservoir/Ghost Canal Wetland Restoration Project.                                     York Bassmasters received a Healthy Land Award from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for their hard work protecting Lake Simcoe. The group volunteered at 3 tree planting events over the past year, helping to plant more than 1,000 trees and shrubs at the newly constructed wetland at Rogers Reservoir. The project continues.


M-T-M Conservation Association / Clear Your

With the collaborated efforts of York Bassmasters, M-T-M Conservation Association and Clear Your, four fishing line receptacles at Tiny Marsh and one fishing line receptacle at Matchedash sites were installed. This will in assist in ensuring the proper disposal and recycling of discarded fishing line and help prevent the entanglement of the fishing line with any wildlife.



 A huge thanks to our guest speaker Lauren Tonelli from the Invasive Species Centre who came all the way from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to speak to our club and was well received. The Invasive Species Centre is a non-profit organization located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario that works to connect stakeholders, knowledge and technology to prevent and reduce the spread of invasive species that harm Canada’s environment, economy and society. Lauren Tonelli is the Project Manager for the Invasive Species Centre’s Asian Carp Program. She put on a great informative presentation discussing aquatic invasive species and how anglers can prevent their spreading. Well done Lauren and we can assure you we will do our part to not only to take efforts to minimize any possible spreading of evasive species but also report any invasive species that maybe encountered during our time on the water.

Lori McLean speaking to the York Bassmasters about the Rogers Reservoir/Ghost Canal Wetland project in which the club was to embark on a partnership with Lake Simcoe Region Conservation   Authority over the next couple of years. Located in Holland Landing, Ontario, recently donated pasture lands in which the Holland River passes through, will have stream enhancements undertaken and adjacent wetlands restored. As the Holland River is part of the Lake Simcoe watershed, the importance of maintaining a healthy river and adjacent lands would ensure the water quality of Lake Simcoe would be sustained.                                        

Dr. Bruce Tufts, Freshwater Fisheries Conservation Lab, Queens University Scientific Insights For Tournament Anglers: “These are interesting times for tournament anglers. There are a number of issues on the horizon that will need to be addressed to maintain the great quality of bass fisheries that we are fortunate to have in southern Ontario. The Freshwater Fisheries Conservation Lab at Queen’s University continues to conduct research on some of the most important issues related to competitive fishing in southern Ontario. This talk will provide anglers with our recent findings in some of these areas and should stimulate discussion about strategies to ensure that competitive fishing in this region is a sustainable activity.”…Bruce Tuft.